Wat Maha That in Ayutthaya วัดมหาธาตุ อยุธยา

Wat Maha That in Ayutthaya is where the iconic Buddha head statue is located. Wat Maha That is located to the east of the grand palace. It is the royal temple and most sacred in Ayutthaya during the glorious time. Buddha relics were enshrined in the Maha That Chedi (the principal pagoda). This monastery was [...]

Phra Mongkhon Bophit in Ayutthaya พระมงคลบพิตร อยุธยา

Phra Mongkhon Bophit in Ayutthaya พระมงคลบพิตร อยุธยา  is one of the largest bronze Buddha images in  Thailand. The image measures 9.55 metres at the widest point across the lap, and 12.45 metres high without the base. This Buddha image is seated in the position of subduing mara and situated on the west side of the [...]

Wat Na Phramane (วัดหน้าพระเมรุ), Ayutthaya, Thailand

Below are pictures from a beautiful temple that I’ve visited in Ayutthaya. I feel it deserved a mention because in the temple, it contained 3 Buddha images of 500 years, 1500 years and 800 years respectively. Please note that the information below is taken from a signboard located in the temple. History of Wat Na [...]

Wat Phu Khao Thong วัดเจดีย์ภูเขาทอง, Ayutthaya

The temple is known as Wat Pha Khao Thong is located in Ayuthaya. It has a chedi, known as Chedi Phu Khao Thong (เจดีย์ภูเขาทอง) is located near The Monument of King Naresuan located in Ayutthaya. After climbing up the stairs of the chedi, you can opt  to go inside the middle area. This is what you [...]

The Monument of King Naresuan สมเด็จพระนเรศวร, Ayutthaya

Below are pictures taken during my visit to the Monument of King Naresuan the Great สมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช. It is located in Ayutthaya province. King Naresuan is one of the revered kings in Thailand, having fought against the invasion of Toungoo Empire (Burmese empire). Wall carvings of King Naresuan (reigned from 1 July 1590 – 25 April 1605) [...]

A temple with a church design in Bang Pa In, near to Ayutthaya วัดนิเวศธรรมประวัติ

There is an interesting monastery in Ayuthaya- outwardly, it has the design of a church. The temple is located in Bang Pa In, not far from Ayutthaya. It is known as Wat Niwet Thammaprawat ( วัดนิเวศธรรมประวัติราชวรวิหาร). But as soon as you walk into the hall,  the insides are still similar to a church….. But in the middle, [...]