Creative and beautiful tile designs

There are huge warehouse outlets in Thailand such as HomePro, DoHome, Watsadu and Global that sells a wide variety of household items and building materials that you can utilize if you wish to build your own house or perform your own renovation. You can find almost anything that you need from these companies which occupies [...]

Outdoor and home decorative items at DoHome Thailand

If you are looking for decorative items (mass produced ones) for either outdoor or indoor, you can consider visiting a DoHome store.  Usually customers would visit DoHome mainly to purchase materials for gardening, building, furniture, construction and electrical appliances. However, I do notice that DoHome also have a huge selection of decorative items both for [...]

DoHome Thailand- outlets and tel numbers

DoHome Thailand

In Thailand, you are able to find huge stores that sells home improvement items- everything from construction, electrical, pipping, furniture and decorative items…..basically everything for the home. DoHome is one of such outlets, similar to Thai Watsadu, Global and HomePro. DoHome Stores | Outlets | Branches listing in Thailand: As of the time of writing, [...]