Don Wai’s famous stewed duck shop

Don Wai's famous stewed store

Don Wai Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำดอนหวาย) is quite a well known floating markets among locals located at Nakhon Pathom province. When you go there, it is not exactly a floating market but it is a market located next to the river. Tucked within the floating market, you can find a shop specialising in the sale of [...]

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Swenson’s Ice Cream menu in Thailand

Swenson's Menu in Thailand

Swenson’s is a very much loved store specialising in a wide varieties of ice creams, drinks and desserts. In other countries, you may find Swenson’s outlets serving meals as well. However in Thailand, the Swenson’s here specialises mostly in ice cream and desserts. When you walk into their outlets, the staff are often professional and [...]

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7 Eleven convenience stores in Thailand

7 Eleven stores in Thailand

7 Eleven is found in literally every nook and cranny in Thailand. It is a frequently visited place amongst locals and tourists alike as you would be able to obtain food as well as daily use items. Usually, we will visit 7 Eleven while making pit stops to refill petrol and to use the washroom. [...]

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Phayao lake- well known for grilled fish

When you are visiting the Phayao lake, opposite Wat Tilok Aram (วัดติโลกอาราม), you would see a number of restaurants facing the scenic lake: Most of these restaurants serve various order-to-cook dishes. But they are also known for grilled fish: The grilled fish is delicious and the price is reasonable. However, it is better to go [...]

Phayao พะเยา

Road trips along highways in Thailand

I have taken many roadtrips when travelling in Thailand. Each town and province in Thailand are connected through a series of highways. The highways in Thailand are not like those found in other countries. Here, there are traffic lights and shops along the way. It is only within the town of Bangkok via the paid [...]

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Is it easy for a vegetarian to find food in Thailand?

Over the years, I have traveled with some folks who are vegetarians. Usually in a group, we would have at least one or two person who are vegetarians. In the case of the Chinese community, some may observe a vegetarian diet on each full moon and new moon. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, would [...]

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