7 Eleven- delicious freshly baked bread and pastries

In certain 7 Eleven outlets, they would feature freshly made Thai dishes with rice as well as freshly baked bread and pastries. Usually the outlet also serve freshly made coffee. I have always been impressed with the ingenuity and variety of items available in 7 Eleven. They constantly evolve to offer more food and products [...]

Tube Feeding in Thailand- excellent system and support for Alzheimer’s/dementia

Thailand has an excellent robust system available to assist patients who need to go on tube feeding. I have enormous gratitude towards the Thai healthcare system for providing support to my mother who is now on tube feeding as she developed dysphagia from end stage Alzheimer’s. When my mother could not longer take in sufficient [...]

20 baht stores- most items for only 20baht

Nowadays I am seeing more and more 20 baht stores. Where most (but not all) items are being sold for just merely 20 baht. These shops are mostly non air conditioned and located outside the premise of BigC and Lotus. That’s cheap considering items at Daiso and Komonoya cost mostly 60 baht each. In the [...]

Why I come to Thailand

I did not come to Thailand because of the food, touristy places, night life, culture or just because. I come to Thailand to pursue my spiritual cultivation. Beneath the surface, the practice of Buddhism at its purest exist in Thailand. And that is what I have discovered that prompted me to return to Thailand again [...]

Arts and Crafts supplies in B2S bookstores

If you are a crafter or artist trying to look for materials for your work, you may visit B2S bookstores located at Central Plaza shopping complexes. In certain B2S bookstore, such as the one in Pinklao, Bangkok, there is a large section reserved for just art and crafts supplies. I noticed other B2S bookstores, while [...]

Crafts and artists in Amphawa floating market in Thailand

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

If you are a crafter or artist at heart, you would like the Amphawa floating market which is located about 1.5 hours from Bangkok in Thailand. The floating market has expanded tremendously over the years….stretching further into the shops and walkways. It is also a place for artists, crafters and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their [...]

Moshi Moshi Store cute items from 20 baht

Moshi Moshi stores in Thailand

Moshi Moshi (โมชิโมชิ) is a Japanese based concept store that is selling everyday Japanese products. I came across one of the outlets at Tesco and the cute cute items attracted me to go into the store to take a look. It is quite similar with Daiso and Komonoya except that the standard pricing of their [...]

Supplier for clothings, costume jewelry, fabric, bags in Bangkok

Sampeng item suppliers near Bangkok Chinatown

Sampeng (near Soi Wanit 1) is a place in Bangkok where many small business owners get their merchandise supplies from. It is located not far from Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat). These suppliers are located inside the alley and lanes. The buzz and activities are not really visible from the main road. You can purchase items such [...]

Komonoya Shop in Thailand- items at 60baht

Komonoya Thailand- item at 60baht

Komonoya is a Japanese based store that sells most items for 60 baht each. The concept and the items are quite similar to Daiso. However, I noticed the difference is Komonoya sometimes have discounts compared to Daiso which is generally quite fixed in pricing. There are also items available in Komonoya that is not found [...]