Do and Don’ts when you see a Monk in Thailand

Do and Don't when see a monk in Thailand

You would see monks in saffron robes in many places where travelling in Thailand. As monks have to observe 227 precepts which is known as Vinaya, there are many things that if done unknowingly may cause a monk to break his precepts or affect him in practice. As a tourist visiting the place, you may [...]

Thai table calendar with numbers in Thai language

Thai calendar with dates and month in Thai language

I visit Thailand often during year end and each time, one of my priorities is to buy the Thai calendar with dates and months written in Thai language. I have been buying the calendar under this series since 2013. It is a way that I use to make myself remember the Thai numbers. Update: Visit the [...]

Do and Don’ts When Visiting Thailand

The simple guidelines below is taken from an old information board issued by the Tourist Authority of Thailand, pertaining the do and don’ts. These guidelines are similar in most Asia countries: Do display polite behavior in places of worship Don’t climb upon the Buddha image to take a photograph or do anything that might show [...]

Public Holidays in Thailand 2017 & 2018

View public holidays for: 2017 (Thai year 2560) 2018 (Thai year 2561) Public holidays for year 2017 (Thai year 2560): Festival Date Remarks New Year’s Day 1 January 2017 (Sun) New Year’s Day 2 January 2017 (Mon) Replacement day Chinese New Year 28 January 2017 (Sat) A week of festivities and fireworks display in the [...]