Napa Bhupa- small little accommodation in the highlands of Chiang Mai

Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา accomodation Thailand

During one of our road trips in North of Thailand, we find this simple place called Napa Bhupa ไร่นภภูผา located in the highlands of Chiang Mai. It is indeed not a place that you can access through public transport. I made the trip in December hence during that time, the weather is very cooling and the [...]

Staying at Siam Cottage Bungalows at Koh Chang island

Where Did I Stay in Koh Chang island: Siam Cottage Bangalows (500 baht per night) <<this is based on my stay there in 2007. The rate may have already been increased Tel: +66 89 153 6664 49/2, Moo4 Kai Bae, Koh Chang Trad 23170. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/siamcottagekohchang You cannot see it directly from the mainroad- but if [...]