Visiting the local wet markets near your area

Almost every nook and cranny in Thailand, it would be easy to find a wet market around. Some of the wet markets are at certain fixed locations while some are available on certain days/time. Some markets have a huge variety of food while some go by with about 10 stalls or so. If you are [...]

Street night market shopping- cheap, cute and huge variety

Items on sale at street stalls in Thailand

In many parts of Thailand, you would be able to find street night markets where various types of items are being sold. Well known examples are Pratunam area in Bangkok and Chiang Mai night markets. Aside from that, there are also temporary fixtures being set up in conjunction of certain events of festivals where many [...]

100 year old Market in Suphan Buri, Thailand ตลาดสามชุกริมน้ำร้อยปี

 This is also known as Old Sam Chuk Market along Tha-Chin River (ตลาดสามชุกริมน้ำร้อยปี Thalat Sam Chuk Suphan Buri) In Suphan Buri สุพรรณบุรี, there is a 100 year old market. It is unique in the sense that the old structure, ie old shophouses are purposely maintained. The market is opened from morning till evening. There are a [...]

Snapshots of Phayao พะเยา province in Thailand

Phayao พะเยา is located on the northern side of Thailand. Usually you will pass by this quiet town on your way to Chiang Rai or the Myanmar border. This is on the way arriving to the intersection of Phayao town. Folks from nearby villages will come to Phayao to do shopping and get supplies as there [...]

Pratunam Market ประตูน้ำ in Bangkok

If you are looking for hotel locations, I would strongly suggest that you try to find a hotel in Pratunam ประตูน้ำ area. This is because by staying at a hotel near there, there are lots of shopping places you can visit within walking distance… such as Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza and Platinum Mall. You also [...]