Vegetarian Snow Skin Lotus Paste Mooncakes

Snow skin lotus mooncakes

At Don Wai floating market, I came across a stall that also sells Snow Skin Lotus paste dessert. But the way the dessert is made- it really resembles the snow skin lotus paste mooncakes…. even though I noticed the owner did not market it that way. This dessert, according to the Facebook page is fully [...]

Mooncakes sold in 7 Eleven Thailand

Mooncakes at 7 Eleven Thailand

It is only the month of June and Mid Autumn or Mooncake festival this year falls on 13 September 2019. But some of the 7 Eleven stores have gradually started to sell mooncakes: Mooncake festival is celebrated mainly by the Chinese community. It falls on the 15th day (full moon day) of the 8th Chinese [...]