B’Me more affordable brand by Wacoal

B'Me by Wacoal in Thailand

In Thailand, the Wacoal brand also have another branch of products call the B’me brand where lingerie and underwear are being sold. The items are priced lower than the Wacoal brand. Recently I have wanted to get some Wacoal bras and through some recommendation, visited a boutique that sells mostly underwear from Wacoal and B’Me [...]

Shopping for clothes at BigC SuperCenter

Big C in Thailand- menswear

BigC have 2 versions- one is the BigC Supercenter and another is mini Big C. The mini Big C stores are smaller versions- usually occupying about 2 shoplots with lesser selection of items. Whereas BigC Supercenters are hypermarkets which occupies a building with various other retailers and a food court. For BigC Supercenter, the hypermarket [...]

Central Departmental Stores- shopping for ladies attire

Central Departmental stores- ladies section

Usually when my overseas friends come to visit Thailand, we would usually take them to one of the Central Plaza outlets. At the Central Departmental stores, the ladies would usually be able to find clothes, handbags or shoes that they like. A tip I have is to shop during the sale time. During their sales [...]

Buy Wacoal Bras at much cheaper price when visiting Thailand

Wacoal bra in Thailand

Wacoal is a well known brand producing lingerie and bras. It is also an excellent brand – as Wacoal bras are durable and last for a long time. In Malaysia and Singapore, the Wacoal bras are very expensive, retailing for more than RM100. However, if you visit shopping complex in Thailand such as BigC and [...]