Teapot Palace Condensed Milk dips available in Thailand

Thai people love to take their bread with condensed milk. The first time when I saw the Teapot palace dip on the dining table of my host, I thought, well, who put a cleanser or moisturizer cream on the table?

The fact is, having such dips packaged, in a squeezable tube, the same way as we would with our cleanser/facial foam really makes it easier for us to have our bread or whatever food we love to put condensed milk topping on. The dips enables one to form neat lines along the bread or makes a nice topping on ice cream or waffle.

Teapot Palace condensed milk dips

If we were to open a can of condensed milk, we would need to buy another container/squeeze bottle to store the condensed milk before we can squeeze it out easily. It is okay if we are using a lot of condensed milk for baking but if it is just a little to put on bread, the packaging type above is more convenient as can be closed back nicely after using.

However with the convenience also come a higher pricing. Each tube cost about 27 baht if you buy from 7 Eleven. They are available in a cheaper price if you buy in bulk from Makro. Some of my friends from Singapore and Malaysia were very interested to buy back because they find the packaging style convenient for their use.

Nowadays there are more brands coming up with such dips such as the popular Carnation brand. But the Teapot Palace brand still have the most flavours: original, chocolate (I love the chocolate flavour) and strawberry.

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