Thai Calendar with Thai numbers as dates ๑, ๒, ๓,

In Thailand, there is a specially published Thai desktop calendar featuring Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (พุทธทาสภิกขุ) who was a famous Thailand monk who had followers from around the world.

Instead of having 1,2,3…. as numeral dates, it contains Thai numerals of ๐, ๑, ๒, ๓, ๔, ๕, ๖, ๗, ๘, ๙. I have bought this calendar in past years when I was still working in corporate. I used the calendar as my desktop calendar and use it to motivate me to learn to remember the Thai numerals.

This year, the publisher SukkhapabjaiPUB has featured the calendar in a FB video which I was able to embedd here. You may view how the calendar looks like via the video demo and I will link it to the Facebook post as well.

Update on the calendar for year 2023/2655 (link to the FB post):

If you have always wanted to learn Thai language, and wanted something different to show on your desktop, you may buy the calendar if you happen to be in Thailand during the end of the year/ beginning of the year.

Note: I have called and spoken to someone from Sukkhapabjai FB page in case there are others like me who like this calendar. At the moment, they only handle delivery within Thailand. Within the months of November to February each year, the calendars are available at most bookstores such as B2S, NAIIN and SE-ED. However after that, for those who wish to buy the calendar, you may go through the FB contact below….. but you would need a help of a Thai person to call them in Thai as they do not converse in English. They would then source for the stock to send to an address within Thailand.

Contact details:

Facebook page: SukkhapabjaiPUB ( ) or booktimeTH
Tel: 0864151212
Line: @booktime

I have written further articles related to learning Thai language which you can check out from this link: Thai language main page.

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