Thai-English dictionary for Thai users can help you to learn Thai pronounciation

For a non native speaker who is learning to read and write in Thai, one of the challenges faced is how to pronounce the Thai words correctly as there are so many complex vowels.

Of course, with Google Translate, you can literally type in and then there is an option for you to listen to the audio. But I am sure you have experienced when you type in a word and then many options come out. Till you are not sure which is the most appropriate word to use (as in any language, two words often have similar meaning but different usage).

I find my predicament being eased after I bought the “Dictionary In Action- English -Thai by Example Usage 3 in 1” that is meant for Thai students learning English:


I bought it from a bookstore in Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok for only 175 baht. Why I find the book useful is because it offers pronunciation of English words written using Thai consonants and vowels.

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We are already familiar with English pronounciation so when Thai words are used to help Thai students pronounce an English word, we would also learn on Thai pronounciation.


Of course if we buy a book and don’t use it there is not point. I keep this dictionary at mu workplace actually-having it in handy while waiting for my PC to startup or when I want a short break from work. I would then open a few pages in the book and read the words.

Small little efforts would add up eventually. My brother learned Japanese and Mandarin on his own through using dictionaries and more recently Google Translate. Even though I catch up relatively slow whenever I want to pick up a new language, but I don’t give up.

So if you are trying to learn Thai or any foreign language, explore till you can find a learning style that suits you. All the best.

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