Thai mango- ever seen purple and pink mangoes?

Thailand is well known for its delicious mangoes. Thai mangoes are now in season with mangoes ripening on trees, ready to be plucked.

The Thai mangoes can be eaten when it is unripe (dipped with fruit sauce), half ripe and fully ripen.

Personally I prefer the half ripe mangoes. I love it because it is sweet and yet hard and a little crunchy. Whereas the half ripe ones that I had eaten in Malaysia are usually sour and needs to be eaten with the sweet rojak sauce.

Purple Mangoes

I am very attracted to the purple and pink mango variants, something that I do not recall seeing anywhere else. The purple mangoes actually taste similar with the usual Thai mangoes, ie they can be eaten half ripe (it is sweet) or ripe.

Above are just a small percentage of mangoes that are harvested from the surrounding mango trees that we have. The degree of ripening varies from unripe, half ripe to totally ripe (where it turns totally yellow).

After waiting for so long, finally we harvested the first purple mango. I was waiting for the purple mango to complete my ‘collection’ so that I could take the picture.

But alas, the pink mango is already too ripe.

Below are totally ripe Thai mangoes which many of my friends love.

Thai mangoes is rich in nutrients and the ripe mangoes are most delicious when eaten by itself or with sweet sticky rice.

For purple mangoes, they look like below when cut- it is not too sweet, nor sour. Just nice and crunchy when eaten before it is fully ripe:

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