Thai ointment and massage oil for pain management

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Thailand is well known for its massage- which helps to loosen out muscles as well as for pain management and relief. Usually they would use massage oil and ointment to make the massage more effective.

Nope, I am not referring to the type of massage that people go for in dingy massage parlors which sometimes give Thai massage a bad rep. In Thailand, there are many who are trained professionals who are able to use massage to loosen out knots and muscles…helping to relieve pain.

Massage is a form of medicine and many hospital in Thailand actually have a section where they offer massage as a traditional treatment. I really agree with using alternative methods as part of pain management instead of opting for pain killers or medication.

There are many well known companies in Thailand producing massage oils and ointments for pain management. If you are staying overseas and have no access to the authentic massage, you can purchase the ointment to apply to your muscles and joints to help relieve stiffness and pain….especially if your joint acts up during cold weather.

Below are some of the more popular brands that are being used:

Massage oil and creams for pain relief Natural medicine massage ointment

You can find these being sold at medicine shops and sometimes pharmacy. If you go into traditional medicine shop, you can explain your condition and the shop assistant may be able to recommend a good brand for you. For example, the type of oil or cream to apply is different between those having injury and those having arthritis.

You can try to buy one first and then if it is good, you can look into buying in bulk.

Both the pictures were taken at a shop in Chinatown Bangkok where we often purchase the ointments from:

Lim Soon Heng Natural Medicine
423 Yaowarat road, Sampantawong, Bangkok

The shop is opened at night as well as Chinatown comes alive at night (well, there are equally huge number of visitors in the day). Do explain about your condition and hopefully the shop assistant or owner is able to recommend an ointment type that can help relief your condition.

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