Thailand Calendar 2021- on sale and from banks

I love the calendars that are being sold in Thailand as they are creative and comes in different designs. The calendars have been on sale at bookstores since late last year. If you visit the bookstores from November till early February, the calendars would be on sale. Alternatively, you can search for calendars being sold online from Shopee TH.

Calendars 2021 (2564) from Bangkok Bank

There are 2 versions of the calendar from Bangkok Bank- the table calendar and wall calendar.

Table calendar:

The design of the table calendar is simple and non cluttered. There are also spaces available in the calendar dates for one to write down reminders and appointments:

Above is the month of January 2021.

Above is the month of June 2021.

At the back flap for each months are simple images with messages. Examples as per below:

Wall Calendar from Bangkok Bank:

Wall Calendar from the Government Savings Bank:

The monthly calendars are in Thai numerals instead of the usual standard numerals which is what I usually prefer in my calendars as it helps me to learn the numbers in Thai:

Overall, these are the calendars available. Both the table calendars have enlarged numbering which makes it easier to see the dates from a further distance. But the large spacing also leaves it less space for writing down appointments and reminders.

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