Thailand Tuk Tuk ตุ๊กๆ – a novelty but quite expensive way of travelling


Tuk tuk ตุ๊ก ๆ can be found in abundance within Bangkok and Ayutthaya. It has 3 wheels and sometimes can travel considerably faster than cars due to its smaller size- where the driver may attempt swirl in and out of traffic.


As you can see above, the tuk tuk is not air conditioned. Travelling on the normal day would have many of the hot air and exhaust fumes blowing to your face. Do remember to wear sunscreen if you do not wish to get tanned.

Once when we explored Ayutthaya, we hired a tuk tuk driver. In Ayutthaya the traffic is not congested like it is in Bangkok. However, Ayutthaya has very hot weather especially if you go during the hot season. The wind that blew is very hot and we were sweating quite terribly. Nevertheless, it has been quite an experience and we were able to explore many places.

Tuk tuk is considered quite an expensive way to travel in Thailand.  Well, one can do it for the novelty but even the local Thais would tell you that even for them it is expensive. If I am not mistaken, the price we paid for the tuk tuk driver is the same as a price of renting a car with a driver.

Should you decide to get into tuk tuk, please agree to the price with the driver first.

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