The beautiful lotus plant and the significance of lotus

The lotus flower have a significant symbolism in Buddhism. In a muddy lake, the lotus flower rises above the impurities and dirt to bloom into a beautiful flower. Therefore, regardless of who we are, we have the capacity to rise above our challenges and limitations.

Lotus flower sold in market

Above are lotus plant being sold in the Don Wai market. I do not usually see live lotus plants being sold. The plants can be purchased back and it would grow easily on a huge clay pot or decorative container:

Lotus plant

Lotus flowers of pink and white can also be bought to be made into flower decorations usually to be used to be offered to the Buddha

Lotus flower arrangement

When you are visiting a temple in Thailand, you may contribute a small donation for a lotus flower, joss sticks and candles. Pay your respect, light candles, and joss sticks and make an aspiration in front of the Buddha statue.

I remember during my university days, I went through an especially difficult period in my life. I would ride my motorbike to a Buddhist temple (recommended by my friend) and offer candles and josssticks and pray. A few times when I was praying I cried in sadness, felt all alone.

After praying, I always felt a little comforted and that I am not alone. And not long later, I would meet the right people who would help me get through my problems.

Lotus flowers

There are many temples in Thailand. If you happen to go through some challenging times or feeling sad, why not walk in to a temple, and offer some candles, joss sticks and lotus to the Buddha statue in the temple. Pray and make your aspiration. I sincerely hope that you would be able to feel better and eventually be able to find support and solution to whatever that is/are troubling your heart.


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