The Life Story of Thailand’s Princess Mother

The Thai Princess Mother’s full name is Somdech Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani

Her Life Story:

Thailand Princess MotherHer Royal Highness the Princess Mother was born on Sunday, 21 October B.E 2443 (A.D 1900) in Nonthaburi Province. Her given name was Sangvalya. She graduated from the Midwifery and nursing school at Siriraj Hospital in B.E 2459 (A.D 1916). In B.E 2460 (A.D 1917), she was given a scholarship by Her Majesty Somdech Pra Sri Savarindira Boromarajadevi Phra Phanwasa Ayiga Chao to further her studies in nursing in the United States of America. In B.E 2463 (A.D 1920), she was married to his Royal Highness Somdech Chao Fah Mahidol Adulyadej Krom Luang Songkla Nagarindra, and they have three children.

The Princess Mother preferred a simple and informal lifestyle. She was taken ill with a heart ailment, and was admitted at Siriraj Hospital on June B.E 2538 (A.D 1995). She passed away on Tuesday, 18  July 1995, at the age of 94 years 8 months and 27 days.

Her activities:

Thailand Princess MotherAll through her life, the Princess Mother steadfastly served the country and the Thai people. Her most important duty was to bring up the two sons who later become highly virtuous Kings, greatly beloved and respected by the people. And she performed so many other valuable services. She gave Royal patronage to many foundations. Since B.E 2507 (A.D 1964), she journeyed to visit people in the poor rural areas throughout the kingdom, this cause, inspired her to start up various development projects as follows:

Thailand Princess Mother1. Educational Projects
She donated her private funds, together with monies from other sources, to build small schools in the hardship areas throughout the country, in support of the project, organized by the Border Patrol Police, to establish schools for hilltribes and people in hard to reach areas.

2. Public Health Projects
In B.E 2512 (A.D 1969), the Princess Mother set up mobile medical teams to provide volunteer services, during off-duty hours, in health care and preventive medicine for people in border and hardship areas.

3. The Doi Tung Development Project
In B.E 2531 (A.D 1988), the Princess Mother started the Doi Tung Development Project in the districts of Mae Chan and Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province. The aim was to rehabilitate the forests in the watershed areas and to improve the quality of life for the local inhabitants, so that people and forests can cohabit in harmony.

Thailand Princess Mother

(Source: The Life Story was taken from the information board in the Thai Imaginary Museum. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge):

Thailand Princess MotherThailand Princess Mother

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