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Tops Supermarket can be found in many Central Shopping Complex in Thailand. What I noticed is that Tops Supermarket tends to carry a lot of imported, international as well as local brands. Hence if you miss some of the staple snack food of your home country, who knows, you may be able to find them at Tops.

Tops Supermarket foreign brand items

It is coming towards year end and Tops have started featuring more of Danish cookies and other cookies in nice steel packaging that would make attractive gifts.

Tops Supermarket foreign brand items

Another example is if you like chips, you can find as well as number of imported brands like below, many that you would not find in the regular grocery or 7 Eleven stores. Yes BigC and Lotus does carry imported brands but somehow the selection were not as wide as available in Tops.

Tops Supermarket foreign brand items

As the countdown towards the end of the year is coming, Tops would be offering more sales and discounts on selected items.

Tops Supermarket foreign brand items

When I went, that particular week they also have offer on Pringles so a lot display was laid out on sale.

Tops Supermarket foreign brand items

Tops really reminded me of AEON stores in Malaysia where they also carry a lot of imported items. There used to be Tops in Malaysia but they were acquired by Giant and after the acquisition, there was less selection of imported items unless of those of popular brands or more inexpensive ones.

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