Traditional home made ice cream in Thailand

While having our meal at a restaurant, we came across an ice cream refrigerator which was stocked with home made ice cream. In the past, traditional ice cream only have very few flavours such as red bean, yam and coconut…. all which are made directly from the raw materials.

However to cater for the today’s customers who love variety, you can find an increasing number of variety available:

Traditional ice cream in Thailand

These ice cream are stored in their own ice cream box which is provided by the company itself. It is stated that the flavours available are Pandan, strawberry, durian, coconut cream, cocoa, bean black, rommid, corn, taro, sweetened (cendol).

However when you open the ice cream box, there are much more available varieties- so I guess the company had expanded its version:

Traditional ice cream in Thailand

Traditional ice cream in Thailand

Each ice cream stick is sold for 20 baht. I’ve purchased the chocolate flavour ice cream and it taste quite okay- not too rich (which may be a little overwhelming after a full meal).

After that, we packed a few back and the shop owner provided us with a cooling bag (supplied by the company) that enables the ice cream to last longer without melting (because the weather here is seriously hot!).

The contact details provided are:

Ice Cream Boran
Tel: 084-8088808

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