TSA Garden- Flowers and fruits in Loei highlands

Highlands, Isan

During one of my visits to Thailand, we dropped by TSA flower garden located in Phu Ruea, Loei at Northeast Thailand (Isan).

The garden was a short stopover on our way back from Northeast Thailand back to Chiang Mai area. I went there during year end (December) hence the weather is beautiful and the flowers were blooming.

The photo above is where the entrance is. Outside, there are a number of villagers setting up stalls to sell fresh fruit juice (mango, dragon fruit), selling strawberries and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of us bought the fresh juice to quench our thirst.

TSA Garden Loei Thailand

Inside, there are beautiful flower and fruit gardens. We did not need to pay any entrance fee and were allowed to freely go in to explore the area.

TSA Garden Loei Thailand

Above, when you see the yellow flower garden, you may not see anything unusual. However, there is a platform located in front of the flower garden bed that allows you to climb up and once you climb up….lo and behold!

It is the garden at the shape of Pikachu! So cute and adorable.

TSA Garden Loei Thailand

At other areas there are also beautiful flower gardens. I love flowers in pink and purple shades hence I have an enjoyable time admiring the flowers there.

They also have fruit and vegetable farms but I did not venture in as I was too busy admiring the flower gardens.

It was a nice visit but do check with your tour guide to confirm on the weather and flower season before making the trip there. You would always need to pay extra when going up to the highlands and around the months of February to June, it can be really hot in Thailand. The highlands would be drying up during that time.

TSA Flower Garden in Phu Ruea ภูเรือ, Loei เลย
102 Moo 8, Rong Chik Subdistrict, Phu Ruea, Thailand


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