Uthai Thani อุทัยธานี attractions

Uthai Thani (อุทัยธานี) occupies a total area of 6,730 square kms. The geographical location is covered with forests and high mountains ranges. Recent excavations indicates that this area was inhabited by prehistoric people during Davaravati period.


Attractions and places of interest in Uthai Thani:

1. Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary (86kms) Bus route 2229
This area has been registered as The World Natural Heritage with its rich biodiversity forests.
This area contains virgin forest, clear forests, prairies and many streams.

2. Khao Phraya Phai Rua (59kms) Bus route 2229
It is located in Amphoe Lan Sak. Viewed from a distance, the hill resembles a Chinese Junk.
There aremany caves such as Tham Kaew, Tham Thong Phrarong, Tham Ang Nam Mon.

3. Khao Pla Ra (40kms) Bus route 2229
It is located in Amphoe Lan Sak. It is high and steep hill covered with rich biodiversity forests. There are prehistoric painting of about 9 metres long.

4. Cyber Waterfall or Hin Lad Waterfall (90kms) Bus route 2229 & 2173
It is located in Amphoe Huai Khot, considered as one of the most beautiful waterfall surrounded by shady trees.


Note: The information about is obtained from a sign board displayed at Uthai Thani bus station. The distance in kms is the distance of each individual place from the bus station.

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