Valentine Day gifts


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and gifts shops are selling love themed gift items.

Moshi Moshi has quite a cute display of Valentine gift ideas:

Moshi Moshi valentine items

A few items are specifically for Valentine’s Day. But soft fluffy toys make good gifts as well especially among the younger generation.

Stores around Thailand are also selling Valentine based merchandize consists of love shaped or red colour based soft toys:

Valentine gifts

And heart shaped flower toys…

Valentine gifts

A typical Thai market also sell flowers…. and I do frequently see these stores selling roses. The photo below are taken about a month ago where the price of roses have not gone up. Well, we would be expecting the price to go up by now…

flowers sold at markets

And finally, have you ever seen a commercialized heart shaped burger? So…..creative…..

7 Eleven heart shaped burger

I saw this being sold at 7 Eleven stores…. it is called Valentine Burger Chicken Cheese with Pink Cream sauce.  I am sure it is a limited time product and the entire burger… including the buns, meat and cheese carries a heart shape.

7 Eleven heart shape burger


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