Vegetarian Snow Skin Lotus Paste Mooncakes

At Don Wai floating market, I came across a stall that also sells Snow Skin Lotus paste dessert. But the way the dessert is made- it really resembles the snow skin lotus paste mooncakes…. even though I noticed the owner did not market it that way.

Snow skin lotus mooncakes

This dessert, according to the Facebook page is fully vegetarian, and it is not made with any animal fat or ingredients. Basically the owner calls it “Snow Lotus Dessert” (ขนมบัวหิมะ) but I believe if it is positioned as a mooncake, it can be sold at a higher price. It would also be popular in the upcoming Vegetarian festival which would be usually in September 2019 (it is almost the same time as the Nine Emperor Gods Celebration).

Snow skin lotus mooncakes

Nowadays traditional mooncakes are really overpriced… in Thailand, 7 Eleven is selling for more than 100 baht a piece. But the above, if not mistaken each piece cost about 45 baht. And from what I could see, this is available all year round.

I’ve managed to locate their Facebook page where you can refer to for more information:

Facebook page: ขนมบัวหิมะ by บ้านขุนแก้ว (Snow Skin Dessert by Ban Khun Kaew)
Contact number: 0874085232


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