Wat Phra That Lampang Luang วัดพระธาตุลำปางหลวง

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang (วัดพระธาตุลำปางหลวง) was restored several times for example in 1449 Chao Haan Sri Tae Thong constructed Chedi in 1476, Chao Muen Kham Pech consaan Sri Thata restored Chedi 24 metres wide and 45 metres (the present one).

Some legend mentioned that Phra Nang Chamdevi come to worship Phra That about 8th Century AD.
If we consider the architectural style in wat, we can conclude that this was constructed about the middle of 15th century AD.

1. The main chedi enshines a piece of hair which the Buddha gave to Loa Gon. Then he constructed the chedi 3.50 metres high for enshrining the Buddha’s hair after the Buddha entered parinibbana 218 years.

When we went there, our group gave donation and got ourselves lotus flower, jossticks and candles each. We then went around the chedi 3 times clockwise and then making aspiration.

2. The main wiharn (Wiharn Luang) was constructed by Chao Muen Kham Pech. There is a mondop containing a presiding Buddha image inside which was casted in 1565. The paintings in the wiharn dated about the early 19th Century AD.

6. The Wiharn PhraChad Sila build by a Khom ruler queen Tamadhevi’s father around 657 AD to enshrine a stone image.

11. House of the Emerald Buddha containing the Emerald Buddha. It might be dating about 400 years at least. In the same place, there is also a collection of coins, ornaments centuries old:


271 Moo 2
Lampang Luang
Ko Kha District
Lampang 52130, Thailand

Open from 7.30am to 5pm. The temple does not impose any entrance fee.

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