Western Union is available at Robinson’s Customer Service section

If you need to send or receive money via Western Union, you may try to approach the customer service country at Robinson Departmental store. I find a number of Robinson departmental store available in Central Plaza shopping complexes which can be found in many places in Thailand.

Western Union service in Robinson

The customer service counters are usually found in the top floor… actually quite hidden away. The customer service counter I went was located at the top floor, right at the back after passing through the children’s section.

If the Central Plaza does not have Robinson, I’ve observed there would be a dedicated Western Union counter…. often at the back portion of the departmental store. This particular one was at the back of the ladies section, near the lift:

Western Union at Central

When you are RECEIVING money via Western Union, ensure that you have all the information:

  • MTCN money (money transfer control number)
  • Amount and currency that the money is being issued
  • Sender’s full name and address. Sometimes sender’s mobile number is also required
  • Your name and local address in Thailand
  • Your original passport (a photocopy of your passport will also be made)

You would need to complete a standard form which also indicates the purpose and type of funds you are receiving.

For me, I would prefer that my family members bank in the money to my bank account in my issuing country and I withdraw it in an ATM machine in Thailand. The withdrawal charges are lower compared to Western Union.

However, if you are strapped in Thailand and require emergency funds, one of the ways is to have your family members or friends in your home country wire some money over via Western Union which you can receive the money almost immediately provided all the particulars are correct.

If you are intending to send money from Thailand to another country via Western Union, be prepared that you may be asked some questions if you are a foreign tourist. This is because you are not allowed to work in Thailand if you enter Thailand as a tourist.


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