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This photo was taken in Bangkok at Budcha area:

life by the river in Thailand

Even till today, there are still people who live by the river and conduct their daily commute, business of selling items via boats by the river. In the evening, you would see and hear the sounds of happy carefree children from various homes along the river bathing and playing with the water.

Life is peaceful and slowed pace. There isn’t much entertainment for the older folks except the local TV channels. But you would see many older folks sitting outside enjoying the peace and calm after a hard day’s work.

Thai people who are farmers, fishermen and traders enjoy work well pass their retirement age.

Living a low maintenance life does not require one to earn a lot of money. Even though they may not afford most of the things that we are accustomed to, they have much inner peace and is content with little.

It has been my experience…. once when I was staying near the hill tribes people in Mae Hong Son, life there was really simple. I had just resigned from my stressful corporate job and I have learned a lot from the few months that I had been staying there. The hill tribes people who rise early to scout for plants and then return in the evening. Sometimes, you would see a father coming withi his young children to bath by the river. Not able to afford plastic floats, a young child would be seen learning swimming using a used car tyre float.

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