Where to buy handrails/ handbars for the elderly/disabled in Thailand

For the elderly and the mobility challenged persons, having a handrails along their beds and bathrooms are very useful. If you have an elderly person at home, installing handrails by the bathroom would help the person to be more independent.

I’ve had handrails installed for my mom in my bathroom and it made a huge difference. Most of the time if they do not have handrails, they would be grabbing at random things like toilet towel racks or the sink to try to lift themselves up. It is a struggle and it also result in the person being at risk to falls. Especially the bathroom is using flimsy plastic towel racks.

What you can do is to buy the handrails and do the installation yourself or hire someone to do it. I have seen the handrails being sold in DoHome stores in Thailand:

Handrails sold in DoHome

Another alternative is to engage the services of those who provide specialise service to fix handrails at the commode and also along the walls of the bathroom. An example is shown below:

Handrails at toilets

In fact, this is a picture of an attached bathroom to a room where the handrails are customised and fixed from next to the bed, all the way to the bathroom and inside the bathroom itself.

If you are having an elderly person or someone with mobility issues,  the less movement a person takes, the weaker the person would become which may eventually resulted in the person being dependent on adult diapers. Having such handrails installed would encourage the person to get up and use the bathroom.

But if you are not able to source or afford full installation such as this, then purchasing the handrails and installing it would also be very useful to the person.

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