Where to get crafts and sewing supplies in Bangkok

If you are looking for a place where you can find sewing and craft supplies such as ribbons, beads, zippers, buttons, cloth, bags and other items in wholesale prices, there is a place in Bangkok where a number of such shops are located.

The place is known as Sampeng located not far from Yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown). It is located at Soi Wanit 1. There are many type of wholesale retailers located along a long stretch of this lane selling all sorts of products including gifts, clothings, bags, custom jewelry, decorations, etc. But in this article, I would be writing more about the craft and sewing products suppliers.

Note: I will also feature the online links to the products for those who do not find it convenient to travel there. 

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

This is one of the only places I know in Thailand where there a few shops selling a large selection sewing and craft supplies located within close vicinity of each other. Certain shops would sell a larger selection of beads, ribbons and buttons while some shops would focus more on beads.

Sewing supplier in Bangkok

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

There are also gift boxes and decorative bags (paper and plastic bags) that you can purchase at wholesale price. Do note that for most shops, in order to get wholesale price, you need to buy in bulk. Otherwise you would be charged with the retail price. If you are a crafter at heart, you would really enjoy visiting these shops.

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

There is such as huge variety that anything that is associated with sewing can be found here. Many smaller shops or market would source their products from here and then sell it at a retail price.

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

Above is a small stall that sells hair accessories like scrunchies, hair clips and hair bands.

There is also a shop that specialises in selling design and made to order embroidery products. By just looking at the picture below, you would be able to tell that there are a huge selection of ready-made designs available which you can buy to embroil on a Tshirt or any form of clothings.

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

Below is a shop that sells party supplies products. For example if you wish to obtain decorations for celebrations such as birthday, wedding, Halloween, you can find a variety of items here. I do note that they have a lot of Halloween decorations even though Halloween is a few months away. I am sure when it comes to Christmas the shop would be filled with Christmas decorations.

Party items supplier

The operating hours are from 8am to 6pm daily. However some of the shops may not be opened on Sundays. If you go during on weekends, it would be very crowded because many people including business owners, tourists and locals (on their weekends off) would be visiting this place. The lane is quite narrow hence it is not so easy to walk if it is crowded.

Even though it is mentioned that the closing time is 6pm, some of the shops would already start to wrap up by about 5pm. If you are going to Sampeng to source for wholesale products, you would need a good few hours there to go to different shops to look at the items and compare prices.

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2 thoughts on “Where to get crafts and sewing supplies in Bangkok”

  1. Hi, Now in these difficult times where we are stuck at home and need to keep our minds and hands busy, it would be great to know a place that would actually post me sewing accessories. Online I can only find providers from abroad, like Singapore and Hong Kong. But to get zippers, or interfacing now, would be great for me. Would you know who can send from Chinatown in Bangkok to my home? Best Wishes Tatjana

    1. Hi Tatjana,

      Sorry, I do not know anyone who could send from online. However, if you are based in Thailand, you can get also a lot of supplies at competitive pricing from the Shopee app. Just that most of the items are listed in Thai language but there are some available in English as well.

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